Cocoon 5-0-202


33cm diameter, 43cm height, box dimensions 58x38x20. 6500g

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Designer vase made of Bohemian crystal COCOON 5

The COCOON designer vase, made from Bohemian crystal, will captivate you with its distinctive shape, based on the cocoon of the domestic silk moth. Its timeless design entails a hand-modelled crystal body in amber glass decorated with an evenly laid glass thread.

This beautiful crystal vase looks amazing and will stand out in any modern interior. Fill this flawless interior accessory with a bouquet of flowers to create a stunning jewel that will adorn any living room or dining room.

Important Information 

  • The second number in the name of each product stands for the number of light bulbs. E.g. L 100-5-02 N has 5 light bulbs.


Lighting Up Your Life

We take pride in supplying only the highest quality of crystal chandeliers, ceiling lights and lamps to customers in the UK. The hand-crafted approach we take towards cutting crystal has been refined for over two decades and always ensures a smooth, luxurious finish. All metal and crystal parts used are original and imported straight from the Czech Republic, the home of Bohemian crystal. We care deeply about the quality of our materials and the integrity of our process, combining the two to create stunning crystal chandeliers, ceiling lights and lamps that bring light and class to your home.

Delivery & Returns

  • We can only deliver within the UK and EU
  • Products delivered within 3-4 weeks
  • Returns must be completed WITHIN 14 DAYS of receipt
  • Cancellation of orders is free within first 7 days of placement. 



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